Kalamazoo's First In-County Ultra

The Furlong 250

all proceeds benefiting these two great charities, please visit


Aacorn Farms   https://aacornfarm.org/


Tillers International   https://www.tillersinternational.org/


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Location of race and a link to the map:
10515 OP Ave E
Scotts, MI, 49088
United States
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Here's a little to entice you:
  • November 2, 2019
  • From Sunup 'til Sundown (if this is confusing, please don't apply)
  • Yes, truly 250 furlongs, in 50 furlong loops
  • Indoor heated aid sites, every 25 furlongs
  • Expect some mud
  • First place Lady and Gentleman winners get Salomon Shoes
  • One distance
  • Surprise Custom Medals to every 250 finisher
  • Plenty of Post Race Dining and Merriment

  • 50 runner cap

  • Oh yeah, a furlong is the distance an ox can plow without stopping, right! 
  • Oh!  For the sake of sanity, it's 40 rods, that's an eighth of a mile!

  • OH Really!!  The race is a 50k!!  Get with it!!